William F. Skidmore

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Colonel William Skidmore enlisted into the Tennessee Army National Guard in 1936 followed by U. S. Army enlistment in 1938. He was promoted through every enlisted rank up to Master Sergeant and in 1942, while in combat in the European theater during World War II, was appointed as a Warrant Officer. In December 1946, Skidmore received a direct commission into the US Army Artillery Corps. After World War II, he served in multiple command and staff assignments in Korea, CONUS and Europe during war and peace. In 1964 he was appointed to the Joint Staff as a missile intelligence officer and nuclear weapons Team Chief within the National Emergency Command system.

From 1969 through 1973, Skidmore served as Professor, Military Science, University of Tennessee where he initiated innovative cross-enrollment programs enabling students at Knoxville College and Carson Newman College to participate in Army ROTC. Under his leadership, the UT ROTC Department became the largest, and was recognized as the “best of 14 ROTC programs” within the Third U.S. Army. Skidmore retired in 1973 after 37 years of military service.

Skidmore served at the Associate Director of Economic Research and Development in the University of Tennessee College of Business through 1979. Upon retirement from UT he started and maintained a successful personal computer sales and service business.

Skidmore passed away in 2016.