The Retirees’ 2022 Holiday Reception

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Joan Cronan poses with a holiday reception attendee

At the holiday reception Joan Cronan, women’s athletic director emeritus, served as the keynote speaker. She shared her excitement in seeing how well UT Knoxville and athletics is doing right now and how we have a lot to be thankful for going into the holiday season.

She said if asked about her priorities she would immediately say God, family, friends, the University of Tennessee, the State of Tennessee, the City of Knoxville, golf, and tennis, etc. She said she doesn’t always keep them in order, however, knowing that prioritization is a challenge, she came up with a system that has helped.

She came up with B-E-L-L-S as a ‘to do’ acronym. Every day she tries to ring the bells: B – Bible; E – Exercise; L – Letter; L – Learn; S – Special Project. She said we all wish we could ring them every day, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we don’t.