Steve Senkus (’93)

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Dr. Jeff Trombly (Supply Chain), Steve Senkus, Dean Steve Mangum, and Dr. John Bell, Department Head of Supply Chain Management. The award was presented during Dr. Trombly’s supply chain management class, where Steve Senkus was a guest lecturer.
“Hiring good people, being very transparent, dedicating your business to the customer experience, and constantly keeping up with IT systems are the things that set my business apart from the competition,” Steve Senkus (’93) recently told a class of supply chain students at the University of Tennessee.

“Getting to share this hard-won knowledge with students at my alma mater was incredibly meaningful,” he said.

With more than 25 years of experience in supply chain and logistics, Senkus made an ideal guest lecturer for Jeff Trombly’s supply chain class this fall at UT’s Haslam College of Business. His prolific business success also made him an ideal recipient for UT’s Accomplished Alumni Award, which he received following his lecture, presented by Dean Steve Mangum.

“As founder and CEO of NonstopDelivery Inc. (NSD), which serves Fortune 500 companies like Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe’s, and Wayfair with its delivery services, Steve has demonstrated entrepreneurial skill and experience during his 25-plus years of success in a competitive business landscape,” said Mangum. “His success is recognized through his sought-after service on boards in the supply chain and logistics industry as well as nonprofits like the Volunteer Legacy. So, it is only right that his alma mater also recognizes him with an Accomplished Alumni Award.”

Senkus sold NSD to Hub Group in 2020, and for the year in transition he served as a consultant in Chantilly, Virginia, where NSD maintained its headquarters. While speaking to supply chain students at UT, Senkus explained that what he learned at the university as a student prepared him for this future.

“UT has been a significant part of my success,” said Senkus. “Although I didn’t graduate with a degree in supply chain management, my UT experience helped me grow as a professional.

“It gave me more confidence in social and business settings and taught me the importance of maintaining relationships with fraternity brothers and other friends on campus,” continued Senkus. “Those friendships have been an invaluable asset in my professional life. Now, I am pleased to be able to give back and share my knowledge with current students.”

Aside from this guest lecture, Senkus has given back to UT in many ways. He has participated in the Supply Chain Forum for UT’s Global Supply Chain Institute and is a staunch Vol fan when it comes to athletics. He has supported and given to the Anderson Training Center and the Neyland Stadium West Club renovation.

His enthusiasm for UT is such that he has also contributed to dozens of students’ decisions to attend the university, encouraging many from his hometown area in northern Virginia to become Volunteers. This includes a son, a niece, and other family friends.

“My time at UT started a lifelong love of the Volunteers, and I share this passion with my family and friends,” said Senkus. “I was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, and my family would drive through Knoxville to visit my grandparents, so many times we stopped to attend UT football games. The passion of the students, alumni, and community is like none I had ever experienced, and it motivated me to come to UT.

“Being a Volunteer is one of my most cherished affiliations,” added Senkus. “I am humbled and grateful to have received the Accomplished Alumni Award from the university. It was a complete surprise and very much appreciated by me and my family.”