Michael C. Crabtree (’73, ’75)

Category: Awards | Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna

2017 Distinguished Alumnus Award Winner

Mike Crabtree earned a BS in electrical engineering in 1973 and an MS in electrical engineering in 1975 from the Tickle College of Engineering.

His successful career in engineering began in 1969 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center through the UT and Tennessee Tech co-op program. Between 1976 and 1983, Crabtree worked in various capacities for EG&G ORTEC, distributor of the first commercial PET scanner, the ECAT.

In his time at EG&G ORTEC, Crabtree was a software designer, development engineer, senior development engineer, ECAT project engineer, ECAT marketing manager, and ECAT program manager. In 1983, he cofounded Computer Technology & Imaging Inc. While at CTI as vice president, he led the worldwide marketing and sales of the company’s PET scanners and medical cyclotrons prior to a distribution agreement with Siemens. Crabtree served as chairman, CEO, and COO for US Internet Inc., from 1995 to 1999. In 1999, Crabtree served as director, CEO, and president of the Southeast Operating Group for OneMain.com Inc. Between 2000 and 2008, Crabtree joined IdleAire Technologies and became chairman, CEO, and president.

Crabtree has served on many civic and community boards including the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, East Tennessee Foundation, and Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. He has also served at UT on the Tickle College of Engineering’s Board of Advisors, the UT Chancellor’s Associates, and the UT Development Council.