Mason Jones (’04, ’07)

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Mason Jones created his company, Volunteer Traditions, from an idea sparked during his time at UT’s College of Law. After spotting a classmate wearing a belt emblazoned with the palmetto of the South Carolina flag, he and a friend decided that the classic and clean design of the Tennessee flag was underutilized. So, they set out to create a brand that spoke to residents of the Volunteer State.

After working through a variety of designs, Volunteer Traditions was born when they produced a Tennessee flag belt. The design took off and they soon added hats, ties, and bowties to the mix, all featuring Tennessee’s tri-star logo, which has become instantly recognizable and widely used by businesses across the state, thanks to its representation by Volunteer Traditions.

The company, which Jones has grown into a multimillion dollar business, has expanded its product line to include T-shirts, polos, pullovers, and more. With these additions, Volunteer Traditions has stayed true to its mission, “Making awesome products for people who love Tennessee.”

While initially popular among students, the designs began being spotted on Vols of all ages, as well as public figures like Peyton Manning and Governor Bill Haslam. In 2012, the company partnered with UT to bring its unique, yet classic designs to Vols fans across the world. Now, apparel from Volunteer Traditions can be found online and in VolShops, stores across Tennessee, and the company’s flagship store in Nashville.

Since graduating from the Haslam College of Business in 2004 and the College of Law in 2007, Jones has given back to the university with his time, resources, and gifts. He has served on both the College of Law’s Alumni Council and the UT Alumni Board of Directors. He is also a regular guest lecturer for the Haslam College of Business and the College of Law, utilizing his real-world experiences to teach students about entrepreneurship.
Mason Jones
2017 Alumni Promise Award Winner