Marvá Morrow (’05)

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Marva Morrow

Known for providing others a platform for connection and opportunity, Marvá Morrow (’05) agreed to co-host the Dallas-area Black Alumni Reception on August 13, 2022, for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His volunteerism was unsurprising, but it came as a great surprise to Morrow and many in attendance that he was presented with UT’s Accomplished Alumni Award.

The event’s speaker, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Engagement Tyvi Small, extolled Morrow’s accomplishments before presenting him with the award for his extensive volunteer service and professional success.

“Marvá has led a decorated career in engineering, communications, and business since graduating from UT with a degree in electrical engineering, and his volunteer efforts to enable and empower others to succeed are just as notable as his professional achievements,” said Small. “His co-hosting of our alumni event is further proof of his commitment to living out the Volunteer spirit.”

During Morrow’s first full-time job with Intel, the company recognized him with a division award in technology, manufacturing, and engineering for his significant contributions. He parlayed this experience into a career in telecommunications, working for almost a decade with AT&T and ultimately leading part of its customer experience efforts and providing significant leadership to its community service programs.

At AT&T, he was a leader for Believe Dallas, a corporate social responsibility program that benefits service providers which assist the homeless. He has also served in multiple leadership roles, including CEO, for the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of NETwork, Black Integrated Communications Professionals. The organization encourages African Americans and other minorities to meet their goals in the telecommunications industry, supporting local communities and the next generation of telecommunications leaders by increasing access to educational tools, resources, and financial support.

Tyvi Small hugs Marva Morrow after presenting him with the Accomplished Alumni Award
Tyvi Small hugs Marvá Morrow after presenting him with the Accomplished Alumni Award

Being a Volunteer is about taking action and stepping up when you see that you have the capability to benefit something or someone around you.

– Marvá Morrow (’05)

Tyvi Small hugs Marvá Morrow after
presenting him with the Accomplished Alumni Award

“Anyone who knows me, knows I love the university because it taught me about who I am and gave me components for succeeding in life, not to mention bonds and friendships I still have more than 20 years later,” said Morrow. “I was excited to co-host the Black Alumni Reception with Steve Harris (’13), and it was a completely shocking and humbling experience to receive the Accomplished Alumni Award.”

He recently started a job as a vice president and pricing product owner with JP Morgan Chase, overseeing development of various treasury services-payments organization program enhancements.

“It’s a similar role, but it’s more technical than my previous work with AT&T, so I’m getting back to my engineering roots,” said Morrow.
When discussing his time in engineering at UT, Morrow said, “I was fortunate that my dad had worked with Mr. Pippin, who was leading the engineering college’s Engineering Diversity Programs office. I didn’t know much about engineering, so having someone there before I even stepped on campus who would help me was significant. I spoke with Mr. Pippin many times about my growth and development and relied on his office’s resources.”

Although he had little exposure to engineering growing up in an often nomadic military family, his experience attending the pre-college programming offered by the Office of Engineering Diversity Programs prior to his freshman year confirmed his interest in engineering at UT. Just as importantly, the support of James Pippin and his office convinced Morrow that he would be welcomed and supported throughout his academic journey.

This support also inspired his efforts to give back and champion others in their growth and development. In addition to his volunteer work with organizations like the NETwork, Morrow regularly mentors early career professionals in his place of work.

“Being a Volunteer is about taking action and stepping up when you see that you have the capability to benefit something or someone around you,” said Morrow. “I’ve seen my parents model this, and UT helped highlight this in me. I’m honored by UT’s recognition and the Accomplished Alumni Award, but of course you don’t do it for the awards. You do it because that’s who you are.”

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