Jerry Ratledge (’65)

Category: Accomplished Alumni | Awards

Jerry Ratledge (’65), investment firm owner, recently received an Accomplished Alumni Award from Stephen Mangum, dean of UT’s Haslam College of Business and Stokely Foundation Leadership Chair. “I was pleased and humbled to receive the award,” said Ratledge, “which I understand to be a rare honor.”

Ratledge holds a Bachelor of Science in economics and logistics from the Haslam College of Business and an MBA in economics and finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business. “I’m grateful that UT equipped me with marketable skills to pursue a successful career and instilled critical thinking and an appreciation for the liberal arts, which I believe have helped me lead a richer and fuller life,” he said.
As a former corporate executive and current owner of Several—a private investing firm that specializes in multifamily housing and commercial real estate equities, fixed income, and commodities and options—he has excelled in business throughout his career.

His family has a long history of attending UT that includes two of his children: Jeff Ratledge (’90), who earned his Bachelor of Science in agriculture economics and business from the UT Institute of Agriculture, and Julie Ratledge (’92), who earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the College of Arts and Sciences.

As an active donor for 28 years, Ratledge has provided funds for many different projects. “I have an intense loyalty to the university because it has been such a great resource for many members of my extended family. More broadly, it is an academic and economic treasure to the entire state, region, and country and worthy of our fullest support. It is personally gratifying to do something that will live on in perpetuity.”

He has supported general funds, created a scholarship fund, and recently established the Jerry and Suzanne Ratledge Endowed Professorship in Supply Chain Management, which is available to be utilized as an award to outstanding faculty member in the Supply Chain Management program. “I believe the endowed professorship will further strengthen UT’s already outstanding Supply Chain Management program,” said Ratledge, “which is recognized as one of the top five such programs in the country.”