Homegrown on Rocky Top

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Rocky Top is a place rife with opportunity. Just ask UT alumni Dane and Meg Scism.

It’s where the Knoxville natives started a new company, Cellular Sales, in 1993. Over the past 28 years, Cellular Sales has grown from one location on Cumberland Avenue to nearly 800 stores across 40 states, with a corporate family over 7,000 strong. In a time when many others have struggled to find their footing, the company has seen unparalleled sales and growth.

The Vol business was named Verizon’s Agent of the Year 2021; as Verizon’s premier retail partner, Cellular Sales offers the latest in smartphones, tablets, and other wireless accessories from the world’s most innovative and celebrated brands.

This meteoric success can be attributed to the company’s core values and unwavering dedication to serving their hometown. CEO Dane Scism’s direction has always been rooted in customer satisfaction through meaningful, in-person interaction. This commitment to service has distinguished Dane as a business leader. He’s been featured in Jeb Blount’s best-selling book, “People Follow You: The Real Secret to Inspiring Your Team to Take Action” and voted Entrepreneur of the Year by UT’s Haslam College of Business in 2014. In 2021, both Dane and Meg were named UT Distinguished Alumni Award Winners.
Cellular Sales may have grown into a national presence, but they’re still fiercely proud to be a member of the UT community.

Over the last three decades, they’ve helped hundreds of UT grads kickstart their careers and thrive in a fast-moving and competitive market, whether on the sales floor or the corporate headquarters in Cedar Bluff.

Smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices have forever changed the way the world connects, works, and shares. The past two years, especially, have highlighted that wireless tech is no longer a luxury for both personal and professional communication, but a necessity. Cellular Sales is lighting the way in digital communication, just as they have for the last 28 years, with integrity and investment in people. That’s the Volunteer difference, homegrown on Rocky Top.