Empowering Big Orange Dreams

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First Horizon Bank teaching UT students about finance

There is nothing like the feeling when your team comes out on top. Well, except for winning with your finances. And for that, First Horizon is always your team.

First Horizon has been the Official Bank of the Vols for 30 years, a partnership that goes far beyond athletics. The bank offers financial wellness workshops and banking services to students, faculty, and alumni. With banking tools that save time and support that keeps it simple, First Horizon can help Vols take on any financial challenge.

“Our investment in the University of Tennessee extends to all Vols, from athletes to alumni,” says Jim Atchley, First Horizon’s Knoxville president. “First Horizon’s success is directly related to our community’s success, and our talented associates are committed to helping our community attain their Big Orange dreams.”

As the Vols’ hometown bank and alumni corporate sponsor, First Horizon seeks to advance the university and empower the dreams of students and alumni. From student scholarships and internships, to hiring alumni after they leave Rocky Top, First Horizon embodies the Volunteer spirit by proudly serving the University of Tennessee and the greater East Tennessee community.