Army ROTC Alumni Council

The Army ROTC Alumni Council promotes the welfare and interests of UT’s Army ROTC program. Members serve as mentors to student cadets and advocates of the battalion.

Army ROTC Alumni present the colors in Neyland Stadium
Members of the Army ROTC during a Homecoming parade


Foster an active Army ROTC unit and promote a productive relationship with university faculty and administration

Build engagement of fellow alumni, through social and networking events, education, and mentorship of ROTC cadets

Secure and maintain appropriate military scholarship funding levels for cadets and financial resources for the alumni council

Support active-duty alumni and help assist alumni transitioning to civilian careers

Army ROTC Alumni Council Scholarship

Support the Army ROTC Alumni Council Scholarship

Hall of Fame

The Army ROTC Alumni Council Hall of Fame honors highly accomplished alumni of UT commissioned through Army ROTC who have made significant contributions to UT’s Army ROTC program. “Honorary” inductees award ROTC cadre or staff members at UT who have made significant contributions to the program.

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Eligibility and information requirements are outlined within the nomination forms.

Army ROTC alumni talk during the Hall of Fame induction

Join Our Council

Applications to join Army ROTC Alumni Council leadership are available upon request. Members are selected during the second staff meeting of the calendar year.

Geoff Freeman, President
Ricky Summitt, Adjutant
John Skidmore, Operations
Keith Shields, Logistics
Lee Sherbakoff, Development
Logan Hickman, Membership
John Cardwell, Communications
Mark McDonald, Treasurer
Doug Dutton, Staff Judge Advocate
Guy Jester, Chaplain
Reagan Manning, Cadet