Air Force ROTC Alumni Council

The Air Force ROTC Alumni Council advances the welfare and interests of UT’s Air Force ROTC program. Members serve as mentors to student cadets and foster engagement between alumni and future Air Force leaders.

Air Force ROTC cadets hold flags
Air Force ROTC cadets during commencement


Serve as a useful nexus between the Air Force ROTC detachment and the university

Advocate for UT’s Air Force ROTC program and encourage the engagement of fellow alumni, through social and networking events, education, and mentorship of cadets

Secure and maintain military scholarship funding levels for cadets and financial resources for the alumni council

Support active-duty alumni and help assist alumni transitioning to civilian careers

Air Force ROTC Alumni Council Scholarship

Support the Air Force ROTC Alumni Council Scholarship

Join Our Council

Applications for council leadership are available annually in the spring, and new members are selected by August 1.

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Cary Amburn, Colonel, USAF (ret), President
James Andes, Major USAF (ret), Secretary
John Cherry, Lt. Col, USAF (ret), Marketing/Membership
Vince Franklin, Brig. General, ANG, Vice President
Gracie Hall
Daniel Kiser
Rick Kuhlman
Christopher Miller
Ross A. Mol
Jared Michael Sullivan
Ryan J. Watkins
Liam Wingerd
Tyler Wright
William T. Young