Barry Wilmore (’94)

Category: Accomplished Alumni | Awards

A native of Murfreesboro, Barry “Butch” Wilmore earned his master’s in Aviation Systems from the UT Space Institute in Tullahoma, which is part of the UT Knoxville College of Engineering.

Captain Wilmore spent six months in space aboard the international space station, where he was responsible for the 3D printing and assembling of the very first tool constructed entirely in space, a socket wrench. He has been an astronaut for the past 15 years, piloted the space shuttle, and commanded the international space station’s 42nd expedition. He first flew to space as pilot of the space shuttle Atlantis in 2009. 
Captain Wilmore also served our country as a Navy officer and pilot, flying 21 combat missions during Desert Storm, as well as taking part in Desert Shield, NATO missions over Bosnia, and air patrols over southern Iraq.