Big Orange Breakfasts

The Big Orange Breakfasts are small group events with top UT Administrators such as college deans and the Chancellor. Primarily held in Knoxville, these events allow UT alumni and community leaders the opportunity to have close interaction with administration and have a dialogue regarding the issues that face the university and the community.

Without an agenda, the conversations run from academics to athletics, state funding to campus beautification and so many other topics in between. Because it is a discussion, questions and answers are exchanged in conversation form, and everyone has an opportunity to be involved.

Interested in attending a Big Orange Breakfast? Tell us your interests (Arts & Sciences, Law, Engineering, Nursing, Business, etc.), and when we schedule a Big Orange Breakfast that matches that area, we will try to include you.

Email us with your name, graduation year and college, and your areas of interest. We will do our best to schedule a Big Orange Breakfast to match your interests.