Jeremy Tomes ('15)

My classmates and I are fortunate to have access to the faculty, facilities, and resources supported by generous alumni and donors. As a third-year law student, I am pursuing my dream to become an advocate for my clients and ensure equal access to justice for everyone.

It's a path I felt compelled to take after two life-altering experiences with the legal system. As a young man, I watched as my older brother was sent to prison. I saw firsthand the difficulty my mother had in securing quality legal representation for him. Later, as an undergraduate, I experienced racial harassment by my coworkers, and my lack of legal knowledge kept me in that hostile work environment far longer than necessary. The fear and pain of these experiences inspired me to pursue a legal career and help others.

I'm working hard to make my dream a reality. As the recipient of the Robert R. Campbell Sr. Scholarship, I'm grateful for the support and encouragement of alumni, professors, and peers. I strive to be great in all aspects of my life, especially my legal career, and am proud to continue the legacy of my parents, who are both UT alumni.

Contributions from alumni and friends sustain scholarship aid, faculty support, technology, and academic opportunities outside of the classroom.

On behalf of all of my fellow students, we are grateful for your support.

For Tennessee,
Jeremy Tomes, '15