Wayne Taylor ('16)

Wayne Taylor

You pave the way for UT students like me.

Thank you for supporting the University of Tennessee! The campus mission and spirit are energized with your involvement.

My classmates and I are fortunate to have access to the faculty, facilities and resources supported by generous alumni and donors. As a junior, I am pursuing my dream of a career in accounting and opening my own firm to help low-income or physically disabled people in my community solve their financial planning and accounting needs.

That's a long-range goal I wouldn't have dreamed possible without the support and encouragement of my professors and peers. I am so grateful for the financial support I've received from my college as a Global Leadership Scholar, and I am fortunate to learn from some of the country's best business faculty. Their knowledge and insights in the business world, as well as their enthusiasm for me and my success, are invaluable.

Your gift makes real-world experiences like mine possible. Alumni contributions sustain scholarship aid, faculty support, technology and academic opportunities outside of the classroom.

On behalf of all of my fellow students, we are grateful for your support. Go Vols!

For Tennessee,
Wayne Taylor, '16