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Join the Journey

We are on a journey and we need alumni to join us.

UT has embarked on a journey to become a Top 25 public research university. As the reputation of UT increases, so does the value of your degree. Thanks to UT’s highly ranked programs and Top 25-caliber students, your degree is growing in prestige.

How Can You Join the Journey?

Be Proud.

As one of 235,000 alumni, you are our voice. Share your UT story, and let everyone know you graduated from a top program or you had a professor who does world-renowned research. We have a lot to be proud of at UT. Help us spread the word. Increasing UT’s reputation also increases the value of your degree.

Be Involved.

Stay connected with us:

Be Invested.

We hope you will give back to the university—to any part of UT, whether your college, department, or the student organization you were most involved in. We need every alumnus to give—give one gift, of any size, and give it every year.

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