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The Student Alumni Associates (SAA) is an organization that connects current UT students with alumni and prospective students. It is comprised of nearly 100 student leaders who come from various backgrounds and majors.

Founded in September 1969, SAA’s purpose is to improve the understanding of the role of the alumni association by educating and involving students in activities and events of the alumni association.

SAA aims to facilitate interaction between students and alumni and enhance the student experience by providing opportunities that foster a lifelong relationship with the University of Tennessee. Alongside the UT Knoxville Alumni Program, SAA strives to advance the university and enrich the lives of students and alumni.

SAA members are some of our most dedicated students preparing to become the next generation of alumni leaders. Eighty-six members represent the 2016–2017 Student Alumni Associates.

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“What I love most about being an SAA is the fact that you can meet amazing people and have incredibly fun and unique experiences all while serving your campus community… I've been able to experience things through SAA that I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise, and the memories I've made will last a lifetime!“Briana, Senior, College of Nursing

“Student Alumni Associates has provided me unparalleled experiences and spectacular friendships that have made the University of Tennessee home sweet home to me.”Jack, Sophomore, College of Arts and Sciences