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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has restructured its support for retirees and former employees by aligning the retirees organization as an affinity council of the UT Knoxville Alumni Affairs Office. The University of Tennessee Retirees Council (UTRC) will enhance opportunities for former employees and their spouses to continue their association with the university and their colleagues in ways that reflect the continuing value to the university and the considerable expertise of its retirees and former employees. Membership in the UTRC shall be automatic for all.


The mission of the UTRC is to complement the mission of the UT Knoxville Office of Alumni Affairs by extending to retirees meaningful opportunities to learn about and contribute to the mission of the institution and to contribute their resources to the betterment of the institution which they have helped to shape. This organization supersedes, enhances, and expands the purposes and vision of the previous UT Retirees Association, as an association of mutual respect and cooperation between itself and the UT Knoxville Office of Alumni Affairs as each works toward accomplishing common goals.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute your time and talent to serve the university? The UTRC is in the process of identifying opportunities for retirees to spend a few hours volunteering on campus to serve students and provide support to UT departments and units in need of support. If interested, please contact Phyllis Moore at