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LGBTQA+ Alumni Council



The LGBTQA+ Alumni Council’s vision is to be a key group of alumni leaders in the university’s journey to become a Top 25 public research university.

We are dedicated to serving students and alumni and cultivating a strong culture of lifelong connection, advocacy, and philanthropy. We strive to engage, educate, inspire, and motivate all connected with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The LGBTQA+ Alumni council officially came into existence in 2015 and was in the making for just over two years. As an alumni council, we view ourselves as advocates to current LGBTQA+ students and hope to serve as role models for younger Volunteers who will soon be looking for professional positions or graduate-level education.

We are now looking for more members to join us in accomplishing both long term and short term goals. If interested, click here.

Council Members

If you have any questions, email