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Special Interest & Diversity Councils

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Alumni Program’s mission is to advance the university and enrich the lives of students and alumni. The six strategic directions for the UT Knoxville Alumni program include:

  • enhancing data integrity (improving alumni contact information)
  • communicating a consistent message about the university’s journey to the Top 25
  • increasing student engagement
  • creating more engagement opportunities for alumni
  • increasing the number of alumni donors and enhancing donor stewardship

Alumni of UT Knoxville can be organized into constituent organizations based on geographic location and/or special interest diversity affiliation. Councils elect a president and other such offices as the membership deems necessary.

The relationship between the Office of Alumni Affairs and our special interest diversity alumni councils is one of mutual respect and cooperation as each work toward accomplishing common goals. The councils work is focused on advancing the mission and strategic plan of the UT Knoxville Alumni Program.

Councils have regular meetings, schedule a yearly program of activities, and make studies of university needs. A UT Knoxville Alumni Affairs staff serves as the staff liaison for the councils.

Special Interest & Diversity Alumni Councils